Wedding Remembrance Candles

We have a large range of personalised Wedding Remembrance candles for you to light in memory of those you love on your Wedding day. Incorporate your Loving Memory of family and friends into any special occasion with a Wedding Remembrance Candle. An increasing number of Brides and Grooms are requesting a Remembrance Candle to light during their Wedding ceremony. They feel that the spirit of their loved ones is present on their special day. Be sure to check out Wedding Candles for the rest of your special day accessories. You can buy remembrance candle in matching style with your Wedding candles.

When a loved one becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure…

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Product categories
  • Bling & Glam Wedding Remembrance candleBling & Glam Wedding Remembrance candleQuick View
  • Rustic Wedding remembrance candleRustic Wedding remembrance candleQuick View
  • Wedding Remembrance candleWedding Remembrance candleQuick View
  • Wedding Remembrance candle with photoQuick View
  • Wedding remembrance candle with photo and ribbon bowWedding remembrance candle with photo and ribbon bowQuick View